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An Oasis Awaits

As a designer, my job is to transform spaces. Creating a reality from your vision and my expertise is my job! And I love it. But have you ever considered taking that vision outdoors? Can you invision yourself relaxing in your own backyard, but feeling like you’re at a high end spa? We can do that too! Transforming your outdoor space is just as important as creating your vision indoors. Our specific skill set and our talented work family at J. Mozeley Interiros can create your vision indoors and outdoors!

Creating an outdoor space can include several of the aspects I touched on last week in my post, but I wanted to focus on really transforming your existing space into an oasis.

Infinity Pools

If you have not seen this gorgeous pool addition, it is making its way from spas and exclusive resorts into your backyard!


Okay, and maybe you don’t have a view quite like this…but any kind of beautiful landscaping or scenery that you’re lucky enough to have access to should be highlighted! Dontcha think?!

Essential Seating

It would be such a shame to have a beautiful pool with a stunning view, and no where to sit and enjoy it! On a hot day, where lounging in the pool is the only thing you can even think about doing, underwater seating is going to take your space from ordinary to luxurious.

Add your seating near an edge or a built in bar for added comfort and a little extra wow factor! Allowing you to rest drinks, or even elbows, on a surface will bring added comfort, as well as practicality.
This is possible even in the smallest of spaces, using different levels of to create seating and added comfort.

Entertain Like a Champ

While your pool is obviously for your own enjoyment, don’t forget about the aspect of entertaining! As a host or hostess, you want to be sure to offer options of different spaces to interact with guests. Creating a space that encourages conversation and allows guests to be comfortable and feel at home is essential to being a good entertainer.
Comfortable seating and options are the way to go! And you can create the look of luxury with gorgeous finishes that will transform your space.

Adding Greenery and Plants

In a space that is already rich with color and fragrance from the surrounding nature, you might not think to bring foliage into the created space. But, creating the continuity and flow of nature throughout the entire space will add luxury and a polished look to create a gorgeous finished product that will draw you outdoors and make spending time there enjoyable.

Also, don’t forget to add contrast and interest with alternating shapes and textures! Curved edges will soften the space and give the feeling of being at a spa or resort, while upscale textures added through finishes will be the final touch of extravagance you need to really transform the space.

Finishing Touches

Don’t forget about lighting!

Add lights above the pool and around the seating areas to create beautiful reflections in the water! But don’t forget to add lighting in the pool for color and ambiance!






Waterfalls and Imbedded Pools


Incorporating all of these aspects are guaranteed to create an extravagant outdoor space that you and your guests can’t help but love! Call J. Mozeley interiors today for a personalized vision and quote!



With the warm weather finally here, spring is the best time to update an overdue patio and outdoor space. With these few tips you can transform your backyard, not only into an oasis of peace and tranquility, but into an extension of your home bringing your style and personality throughout your entire space.


Think Shade

Creating an actual extension of your home is probably most literally done by creating an extension to the physical structure of your house. Create permanent shade with an open structured covered patio. This affords you the convenience of shade, protection against the elements, and the perfect transition from indoors to outdoors.
Get creative with your shade! This beautiful canopy combines the best elements of indoors and outdoors while still providing enough coverage to keep it comfortable, and enough access to feel immersed in nature.
Mix and match shade choices for ultimate ideal coverage and options! Using portable shade in the form of an umbrella allows you to choose how to best use shade for the use of the space. In addition, having a pergola or covered cooking/eating space really lets guests enjoy the space and the company in a casual and comfortable way.

Don’t Limit Your Options

Dream big! Your outdoor space can be anything you can imagine! The first step in creating a beautiful space would be to really define what you want from your indoor/outdoor experience. The options are endless!

Don’t love the idea of only using a grill to cook outdoors and having to do the back and forth of cleaning and preparing inside the house and cooking outside? ADD A FULL KITCHEN! Properly built, kitchen appliances can survive in the outdoor conditions with correct coverage, and affords you the ease and convenience of preparing beautiful, delicious meals for your guests with less hassle.
In need of just a simple lounging space? Consider different types of seating to ensure comfort in all facets. Ambient lighting will create a peaceful and serene mood, and incorporating a natural heat source (like this gorgeous fire place) will bring the ambiance and the comfort to a whole new level.

Not So Into The Outdoors?

The indoor/outdoor scene has come a long way from thin pane windows in unfurnished space labeled a “sun-room”. New design concepts are vastly outsmarting the adversities to outdoor living spaces – like bugs, weather, dirt, etc – by truly enhancing an indoor experience.

Incredible advancements in creating temperature regulating windows and doors now offer clients the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors with the option to be completely enclosed. A complete home extension with the ability to open and experience the outdoors is a truly perfect solution to the undesirable outdoor elements.
And, adding a range hood to a grill still affords the feel of a covered patio/outdoor living space.
Simply allowing the patio to be a direct extension of your living space is another great way to enjoy the outdoors without the less desired aspects of being outdoors. Creating the combination of indoor/outdoor with sliding glass will combine the benefits of outdoor living with the convenience of being indoors.

Spruce It Up

Like anything, adding the perfect finishes to a space will take anything “from drab to fab”. Don’t forget your personal style in adding textiles, lighting, color, and fun with the little extras that go a long way.

As greenery is natural to the outdoors, we often forget what an impact it can make on an outdoor space with potted plants and natural growth. Just be sure to tend and manage so it does not take over! A beautiful blend of natural and planted greens will bring your space to life while still providing comfort.
Consider all types of lighting to provide options for specific activities. Creating ambient light with dimmers or natural fire is a great way to set a romantic or peaceful mood. But providing enough light for dining and other activities is essential.
Surely this is the aspect of the space that you’ve already got completely planned out in your mind!
Create texture and style with finishes that reflect your personality. Doing this will be sure to connect your outdoor space as an extension of your home emotionally and physically, by creating comfort and ease.

J. Mozeley Interiors can transform your outdoor space to a place where you thrive and guests feel invited. Our expertise and skill set can create a flow from indoor to outdoor that you’re sure to love. Contact us for a consultation!

Entertaining Guests

Having a Vision

Do you have a vision for entertaining guests around a large beautifully decorated table? Here at J Mozeley interiors we are experts at all things entertaining! Contact us today to bring your vision of entertaining to life!

Now is the perfect time to update a dining area or outdoor space. Holidays and warm weather bring people together.

Peter Krumhardt

Outdoor dining spaces go the extra mile surrounding guests with beautiful scenery and stunning decor.

Peter Krumhardt








You don’t have to live at the beach to enjoy this beautiful tropical color scheme.

Emily Jenkins Followill

We love that a dining room can serve as an escape. This color scheme can easily be implemented as part of the home, without feeling out of place or too overdone.

Emily Jenkins Followill

Lavish Dining Spaces

Can impress guests and give them that 5 star dining experience. Bringing the outside in with beautiful floral centerpieces can create a cohesive look in color, texture, and whole home aesthetics.


Or perhaps your style is more simple, cozy farmhouse. We can help with that too. J Mozeley interiors can create the perfect entertaining space for you and your family’s needs!

A rustic farm table from Bungalow Classic anchors the informal dining area, which affords picturesque views of the surrounding farmland.

Choose to warm up your space with a double sided fire place, and allowing the fresh spring air in with large windows and access to the outdoors.

Werner Straube












Whatever your entertaining needs this spring, J Mozeley Interiors can take you from vision to reality. Please visit our contact page to inquire about how our services can fit YOUR style!

Spread Love

Can you believe Easter is only a few short weeks away?

Holidays are my favorite. It doesn’t matter what holiday it is, for my family it’s a reason to gather. A reason to be together, to disconnect from our daily grind, to unwind and enjoy each other’s company, and to just be, even for a short amount of time. Holidays allow us to reflect on what’s important and be grateful in the things we have been given.

Holidays fill me up (I am a quality time girl after all). They fill my emotional, and of course, physical tank (wouldn’t be a holiday without great food), but they also allow me to fill up, almost selfishly, by serving. I love to host at my house. I love to prepare a meal, to have a clean house where people can feel welcome and comfortable, and I love designing a beautiful table setting and adding personal touches that make my guests feel valued and loved. I love to serve.

We can’t really talk about the Easter holiday without talking about serving, as the weekend itself is marked by the biggest act of service man has ever known. Now, whatever your beliefs, I think we can all agree that serving others is a good thing. It shows humility and kindness, and in acts of love, selflessness seems to be at the heart of them all. Selfishness, on the other hand, is the antithesis of love itself and you physically cannot commit an act of love out of selfishness. I truly believe the world would be so much better if we could all be a little less selfish, and a little more loving.

That being said, this holiday season, as the days are getting longer and the weather warmer, why don’t we all aim to love each other a little more. Use these weeks leading up to the holiday to prepare for guests, or if you don’t plan on having guests, brainstorm some ways to go out into the community and spread a little love. Here is a list of just some small acts of service that can really go a long way,Prepare a meal – this can be for family or guests during a get together, or even for a stranger. I often times like to try and think of families/someone in need of a break, just for one night. Bringing a simple casserole in a disposable pan can really make all the difference to someone who is struggling or really busy.

  • Prepare a beautiful place setting for guests – add personalized touches like name cards, flowers/plants, or even small gifts as a way of saying I love you.
  • If you are invited to spend the holiday at someone else’s home, bring a hostess gift – anything from a potted plant to nicely wrapped personalized item, letting the host/hostess know that you are appreciative of their efforts is so important.
  • Offer to volunteer at a kitchen or shelter for the holiday – if you don’t have plans with loved ones or want a change of pace, try serving in a local shelter for the holiday.
  • In the week leading up to Easter, collect canned goods to donate – local schools often send kids home with canned items to help feed their families during the days the kids don’t attend school. Donate a bag of your favorite non-perishable items to your local middle school to allow students to take home a little extra for the holiday weekend.
  • Host an Easter egg hunt for your neighborhood or local church – this can be a fun way to not only let some kids experience Easter in a way they never have before, but also make friends! Hand out fliers or post them in local stores or mailboxes and gather eggs from friends/neighbors to fill and hide at a local park, church, or even your home.
  • Simply invite friends over for coffee or dessert – host your friends at your house for ANY reason. Grab a box of Oreos at the store and put up a pot of coffee and enjoy each other’s company.

Just Paint it!

Nothing can change the look and feel of anything from a piece of furniture to a space quite like a fresh coat of paint. This is probably my favorite way to change things ups! It’s a simple way to make a huge impact and completely change the feel of whatever it is you’re painting.

Here are some things to consider this spring if you’re going for a fresh new look! Obviously, painting the walls in your home is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to transition a space. If your space is getting stale or looking a little dull and boring, slap a fresh coat of paint on those walls and watch that space transform! Whites and grays are the neutrals that are here to stay (thank you Chip & Jo and Fixer Upper). But people have been using crisp neutrals to open up a space long before Chip and Jo came along.

Photo by Sophie Metz DesignMore kids’ room photos                                                                                           Photo by New South HomeLook for dining room pictures

Giving the feeling of clean, crisp and new, neutrals are the perfect way to brighten up dark space with little natural light. It is also a great way to bounce natural light throughout a room and create the illusion of space and serenity. Throw on a few coats of a crisp neutral in a living room, bedroom, dining room, or even kitchen and watch your space come to life!

Another way I like to change things up is by refinishing a piece of furniture. This may require a little more work on the front end, but can make a big statement in a space. I love to find old pieces, or things that have been passed down by family members, and repurpose them. Too scared to put bold colors on walls? Be bold with a pop of color from a statement piece. We’re totally digging this bright green piece from blogger and artist Cline RoseThe pop of color instantly livens up the space and draws the eye to the piece. The details in this piece are to die for, but maybe you’re not quite feeling that daring yet? No worries, go a little more traditional and give life to an old dark


piece with a fresh coat of white paint like this diy blogger. Either way, transforming a space with a refinished pieces is another simple way to love your house again.

One last way I’ve really been into lately is adding some curb appeal. I’m totally loving this, because not only are you sprucing up the outside of your house with a fresh new front door, but that paint color is also coming into play inside! What a perfect way to add some color and life as soon as you enter your home! Whether you want to go bold or muted, colorful or neutral, or even totally seasonal, you can make this work for any type of home in any location!


So whether you need some curb appeal, indoor inspiration, or just a statement piece of furniture, painting is definitely the way to go. The other great thing about this task is that if it is planned and prepared correctly, it doesn’t have to take a whole lot of time. I love how such a simple change can bring so much life and inspiration not only to a space, but to personally as well.

Don’t know where to start? Contact us at J Mozeley Interiors for inspiration, an eye for design, and great references for professionals to help with all your painting needs!