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Light Things Up

One of my favorite ways to spruce up a space is to add unique and fun light fixtures. A new chandelier in your formal dining room can transform the area into a place you want to show off. A splash of elegance is always a good idea. Both of these photos exemplify how light fixtures can inspire a space. 

Mother’s Day Madness

When big holidays come around, sometimes there is a lot of pressure to buy the perfect gift. Instead of going mad looking for the perfect something, let a redesign be the gift of the year. No matter if the mother in your life wants an updated bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom; the thought of a redesign will surely bring a smile on her face! I hope what inspires me, also inspires you.  

Bathroom Bliss

Bathrooms are much more important than we sometimes realize. The bathroom should be a spa-like escape that you can relax in. I love finding different examples and dreaming about how to make them my own. Do not settle for anything less than your dream bathroom.

Wood Calls

Wood accent walls are growing in popularity, and it is no wonder why. I always find inspiration from pictures like these. This style brings the outdoors inside and elevates a space beautifully. I have really fallen in love with this concept and hope you will consider being bold with a wood accent wall.



Earth Conscious Decorating

In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to share some eco friendly decorating tips. One of my favorite ways to be environmentally friendly while adding  character to a home is to use reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood can be both upscale and elegant.