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An Oasis Awaits

As a designer, my job is to transform spaces. Creating a reality from your vision and my expertise is my job! And I love it. But have you ever considered taking that vision outdoors? Can you invision yourself relaxing in your own backyard, but feeling like you’re at a high end spa? We can do that too! Transforming your outdoor space is just as important as creating your vision indoors. Our specific skill set and our talented work family at J. Mozeley Interiros can create your vision indoors and outdoors!

Creating an outdoor space can include several of the aspects I touched on last week in my post, but I wanted to focus on really transforming your existing space into an oasis.

Infinity Pools

If you have not seen this gorgeous pool addition, it is making its way from spas and exclusive resorts into your backyard!


Okay, and maybe you don’t have a view quite like this…but any kind of beautiful landscaping or scenery that you’re lucky enough to have access to should be highlighted! Dontcha think?!

Essential Seating

It would be such a shame to have a beautiful pool with a stunning view, and no where to sit and enjoy it! On a hot day, where lounging in the pool is the only thing you can even think about doing, underwater seating is going to take your space from ordinary to luxurious.

Add your seating near an edge or a built in bar for added comfort and a little extra wow factor! Allowing you to rest drinks, or even elbows, on a surface will bring added comfort, as well as practicality.
This is possible even in the smallest of spaces, using different levels of to create seating and added comfort.

Entertain Like a Champ

While your pool is obviously for your own enjoyment, don’t forget about the aspect of entertaining! As a host or hostess, you want to be sure to offer options of different spaces to interact with guests. Creating a space that encourages conversation and allows guests to be comfortable and feel at home is essential to being a good entertainer.
Comfortable seating and options are the way to go! And you can create the look of luxury with gorgeous finishes that will transform your space.

Adding Greenery and Plants

In a space that is already rich with color and fragrance from the surrounding nature, you might not think to bring foliage into the created space. But, creating the continuity and flow of nature throughout the entire space will add luxury and a polished look to create a gorgeous finished product that will draw you outdoors and make spending time there enjoyable.

Also, don’t forget to add contrast and interest with alternating shapes and textures! Curved edges will soften the space and give the feeling of being at a spa or resort, while upscale textures added through finishes will be the final touch of extravagance you need to really transform the space.

Finishing Touches

Don’t forget about lighting!

Add lights above the pool and around the seating areas to create beautiful reflections in the water! But don’t forget to add lighting in the pool for color and ambiance!






Waterfalls and Imbedded Pools


Incorporating all of these aspects are guaranteed to create an extravagant outdoor space that you and your guests can’t help but love! Call J. Mozeley interiors today for a personalized vision and quote!



With the warm weather finally here, spring is the best time to update an overdue patio and outdoor space. With these few tips you can transform your backyard, not only into an oasis of peace and tranquility, but into an extension of your home bringing your style and personality throughout your entire space.


Think Shade

Creating an actual extension of your home is probably most literally done by creating an extension to the physical structure of your house. Create permanent shade with an open structured covered patio. This affords you the convenience of shade, protection against the elements, and the perfect transition from indoors to outdoors.
Get creative with your shade! This beautiful canopy combines the best elements of indoors and outdoors while still providing enough coverage to keep it comfortable, and enough access to feel immersed in nature.
Mix and match shade choices for ultimate ideal coverage and options! Using portable shade in the form of an umbrella allows you to choose how to best use shade for the use of the space. In addition, having a pergola or covered cooking/eating space really lets guests enjoy the space and the company in a casual and comfortable way.

Don’t Limit Your Options

Dream big! Your outdoor space can be anything you can imagine! The first step in creating a beautiful space would be to really define what you want from your indoor/outdoor experience. The options are endless!

Don’t love the idea of only using a grill to cook outdoors and having to do the back and forth of cleaning and preparing inside the house and cooking outside? ADD A FULL KITCHEN! Properly built, kitchen appliances can survive in the outdoor conditions with correct coverage, and affords you the ease and convenience of preparing beautiful, delicious meals for your guests with less hassle.
In need of just a simple lounging space? Consider different types of seating to ensure comfort in all facets. Ambient lighting will create a peaceful and serene mood, and incorporating a natural heat source (like this gorgeous fire place) will bring the ambiance and the comfort to a whole new level.

Not So Into The Outdoors?

The indoor/outdoor scene has come a long way from thin pane windows in unfurnished space labeled a “sun-room”. New design concepts are vastly outsmarting the adversities to outdoor living spaces – like bugs, weather, dirt, etc – by truly enhancing an indoor experience.

Incredible advancements in creating temperature regulating windows and doors now offer clients the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors with the option to be completely enclosed. A complete home extension with the ability to open and experience the outdoors is a truly perfect solution to the undesirable outdoor elements.
And, adding a range hood to a grill still affords the feel of a covered patio/outdoor living space.
Simply allowing the patio to be a direct extension of your living space is another great way to enjoy the outdoors without the less desired aspects of being outdoors. Creating the combination of indoor/outdoor with sliding glass will combine the benefits of outdoor living with the convenience of being indoors.

Spruce It Up

Like anything, adding the perfect finishes to a space will take anything “from drab to fab”. Don’t forget your personal style in adding textiles, lighting, color, and fun with the little extras that go a long way.

As greenery is natural to the outdoors, we often forget what an impact it can make on an outdoor space with potted plants and natural growth. Just be sure to tend and manage so it does not take over! A beautiful blend of natural and planted greens will bring your space to life while still providing comfort.
Consider all types of lighting to provide options for specific activities. Creating ambient light with dimmers or natural fire is a great way to set a romantic or peaceful mood. But providing enough light for dining and other activities is essential.
Surely this is the aspect of the space that you’ve already got completely planned out in your mind!
Create texture and style with finishes that reflect your personality. Doing this will be sure to connect your outdoor space as an extension of your home emotionally and physically, by creating comfort and ease.

J. Mozeley Interiors can transform your outdoor space to a place where you thrive and guests feel invited. Our expertise and skill set can create a flow from indoor to outdoor that you’re sure to love. Contact us for a consultation!

Entertaining Guests

Having a Vision

Do you have a vision for entertaining guests around a large beautifully decorated table? Here at J Mozeley interiors we are experts at all things entertaining! Contact us today to bring your vision of entertaining to life!

Now is the perfect time to update a dining area or outdoor space. Holidays and warm weather bring people together.

Peter Krumhardt

Outdoor dining spaces go the extra mile surrounding guests with beautiful scenery and stunning decor.

Peter Krumhardt








You don’t have to live at the beach to enjoy this beautiful tropical color scheme.

Emily Jenkins Followill

We love that a dining room can serve as an escape. This color scheme can easily be implemented as part of the home, without feeling out of place or too overdone.

Emily Jenkins Followill

Lavish Dining Spaces

Can impress guests and give them that 5 star dining experience. Bringing the outside in with beautiful floral centerpieces can create a cohesive look in color, texture, and whole home aesthetics.


Or perhaps your style is more simple, cozy farmhouse. We can help with that too. J Mozeley interiors can create the perfect entertaining space for you and your family’s needs!

A rustic farm table from Bungalow Classic anchors the informal dining area, which affords picturesque views of the surrounding farmland.

Choose to warm up your space with a double sided fire place, and allowing the fresh spring air in with large windows and access to the outdoors.

Werner Straube












Whatever your entertaining needs this spring, J Mozeley Interiors can take you from vision to reality. Please visit our contact page to inquire about how our services can fit YOUR style!

Fresh Spring Looks

If you live in the south, like we do, and you’re already experiencing the amazing spring weather, it’s time to freshen up, inside and outside! 


One of our favorite ways here at J.Mozeley interiors, especially when we finish designing a space, is to add fresh flowers! Bringing the outside in is one of the easiest ways to create energy and life inside your home. Here are the what, where, when, and why of sprucing up your home with the outdoors!


Don’t know where to start? Do you have a brown thumb (like me) and kill every plant you own? (I literally couldn’t even keep a cactus alive) Here are a few tips.

    1. Just buy flowers. When we bought our house the landscaping was…how can I put this…dismal. We’ve been doing a lot of work the last two years, but we do not have big beautiful blooms yet, so I buy flowers! Nothing shameful about that. Put them in cute jars/buckets/baskets/etc. – Literally ANYTHING can be a centerpiece for holding flowers. Find old vases at a thrift store and paint them, use vintage tins or old containers you have in your pantry, try old wooden toolboxes or teapots, and of course mason jars are a big thing now. Chose items that either match and blend with your home decor, or something that will really stand out. Make a statement.
    2. If you’re more of a natural do-it-yourself type, go shopping in your yard and create a stunning centerpiece. Use 2 – 3 different variety of flowers, cutting the stems at least 7 – 10 inches. Don’t forget to use greenery in addition to the colorful blooms for a more full and polished look.
    3. Choosing different size plants to place throughout the home is also a good idea. Greenery never gets old or goes out of season. Having large potted floor plants will open up your space and create the illusion of the outdoors inside your home.



Placing flowers on your kitchen table as a centerpiece is great, but if you really want to up your game and create a cohesive theme throughout your home, strategically place plants and centerpieces in spaces that are visited often and need a pick-me-up.

  1. If you’re new at this, alternating types of plants and flowers in each space is a good place to start. If you have smaller spaces in your home, be sure not to overwhelm the space with the outdoors, you don’t want your family to feel like they’re eating in the jungle. Instead, choose small, potted plants with proper draining systems. Be sure to use different sizes and shapes (or styles) of pots in order to create visual interest.
  2. In larger, more empty spaces in the home (living rooms, dining rooms, large foyers, etc), be sure to add large greens in big planters. Or, choose a few planters and plants in differing sizes, but similar styles.
  3. Create a cohesive theme in your home by adding both blooms and greenery to spaces throughout. A beautiful, blooming centerpiece in the kitchen, on the counter, offset by small greens in the windows (succulents maybe); into the dining room where you have all sizes of potted plants, in the corners of the room, and on the table. I love using greens on the dining table because they are so versatile. With potted greens on the table, I can use any combination of colorful linen, dishes, and other decorations. Moving through the house into the bedrooms, small potted plants on night tables or desks bring a fresh and simple vibe to the space but stay consistent with the public spaces of the home. Of course, with all of these suggestions, you will need to keep in mind the amount of light in the space and possibly the temperature or the proximity to an air duct (as some plants will get too dry with heat/air blowing directly on them).


Of course, as off of these are, this is totally a personal preference. For me, even though I have absolute opposite of a green thumb, I love to have plants in my house year round, moving them from the indoors to the outdoors when the weather permits.

  1. This can be tricky. To know when you need to bring your plants inside, or to know when they need an appropriate amount of outdoors and sunshine, make sure to read up and do your research on the plants you choose. I tend to lean toward succulent plants as they are pretty low maintenance and super cute and versatile. When choosing the plants I wanted in my home, I had to consider the look I was going for, but also, which plants were going to do the best in the amount of indoor time they would have during the winter. A great place to start with learning a little more about the plants you like is, your local nursery or home improvement store. Typically, the employees are very knowledgable as to what will do well in your space and can help you determine what is best for the plant you chose.
  2. BE SEASONAL!! Of course, right?! When choosing flowers for centerpieces, whether you cut them from your backyard, or order them online, or pick them up at the local grocery store, choose flowers that are in season and local to your area. A lot of stores and online suppliers are not going to necessarily stock things that are local to you, or even specifically in season, so again, do a little research before you purchase if you would like to keep your blooms current.
  3. When selecting greens to place in your home, be sure to choose things that will last. You don’t want to end up with plants that are going to die once you bring them outside, or vice versa. Also, if you choose plants for a large planter that really shouldn’t be moved, be sure the plant will thrive indoors year round.


We are all aware of the benefits of trees and the process of photosynthesis, but I think we tend to learn about that stuff in school and remember it as a part of science class instead of as a part of life. Obviously, we can’t survive without plants using the carbon dioxide we produce to generate the oxygen we need. That is true for any kind of plant, in any kind of space.

  1. Plants in your home will keep your air clean. Just within the complex process of the cycle of life, the plants you keep in your house will help to purify the air from some of the toxic chemicals and solvents we have or use in our homes daily.
  2. Plants help reduce stress and anxiety. Studies found how having plants in offices helps lowered people’s heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory problems. So the same would be true for your home.
  3. Overall, plants will improve wellbeing. As some plants actually have healing properties, adding plants to your home will improve your physical health. In addition, they have been scientifically proven to impact your emotional and mental state as well. Can you find a reason to NOT have plants?!


As always, be sure to have fun and choose plants you love, whether it’s the aesthetic (look ), the smell, or even just the quality (like they’re hard to kill – my favorite) you can make your space more personal, healthy, and happier by adding some life!

Just a quick note – our hearts and prayers go out to all of the family and friends of the late Billy Graham. He was truly a heart after God and an inspiration to each and every one of us. 

Earth Friendly Designs for Earth Day


Earth day had us all thinking about earth friendly designs for your home interiors.  There are so many fabulous design ideas when it comes to protecting our environment and having sustainable resources in your home.  You could have a customized recycled glass light fixture or vases.  For flooring you could use bamboo.  There are so many options if you just know where to look.  However you would like to decrease your carbon foot print in your design we are more than happy to assist.  You can contact the team at Jmozeley Interiors at julian@jmozeley.com or give us a call at 704-966-1223.


Earth Friendly Contemporary Wood Home Earth Friendly Home Design 2 Earth Friendly Wood Home Fireplace