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Get Your Color Scheme Right for the Holidays!

Holidays, hustle and bustle, crazy weather parties … Oh my! Is it me, or do the holiday seasons come up quicker, get busier while they’re here, and leave you feeling exhausted when they’ve left? I’m pretty sure it’s not just me! Here is some inspiration to help for the holidays: party planning, decking the halls, and a few tips on how to create a holiday to remember for next year.

Seeing as there are so many possibilities to choose from, color scheme and theme,amazingly gives you a great direction and help with a starting point. Now, I know have spoken about this earlier, but, again, there are people like me who are late in getting started even though I am a designer. Once you help other people, it’s one of the last things you wanna do for yourself, so why not offer to help your neighbor or a family member by keeping them company while they decorate, or help them if you are inclined.

Silver or gold is the way to go this year, or all the rave is pink silver ribbon, believe it or not, called pink ribbon. Yes! Really! And I’m not talking about two different colors. I have some that I am using that is a mix of the two colors. Ribbon with wire seems to work best on trees, wreaths, railings, and mantles. They keep their shape better.

These colors are always festive for the holidays, and they’re very versatile and goes with everything imaginable. Don’t worry about lots of color. Remember, white, though not a color, is great, and green and red will be in every store for those who are traditional along with blue and purple. I’m finding that the paint along with, of course, the frosted cranberries, and my trick is to use these colors throughout your home inside and out, on your trees, mantles, gift-wrapping, and don’t forget your stockings hanging from the mantle! For those of us who are extremely creative and, even for those of us who aren’t, you can pretty much make anything you want with a glue gun and a little patience.