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Remember Your Fur Babies During the Holidays!

Fur Baby Holidays

Is it just me, or have our fur babies become more and more child-like? Sometimes, I think mine are even starting to look like me. So let’s make it a point not to forget them during the holidays and to add some special personal touches for them and in memory of them. Personally, my kids send three separate donations to the ASPCA for the other fur babies out there who need rescuing. The food matters, but probably the most important thing of all these adorable animals need is compassion.

It’s really easy. You can do it over the phone or online … just a suggestion. And with the hustle bustle of the holidays, please remember poinsettias are poisonous to our four-legged children. Also, they are usually willing and eager to show their photogenic side with whatever ornament, string of lights, or silly decorations. But if it’s cold outside, do not forget to get these fur babies their own ugly Christmas sweaters.

So, along the same lines, poinsettias are not the only thing that is poisonous to our four-legged children. Since we are making this accessible to them, things like tensile, ornaments, and sparkle lights are all not good for their tummies, so being as they are children let’s keep them safe. Personally, I have two King Charles puppies and a golden retriever, and no matter if they are one and a half or 10, they will still find fun things to play with and become fascinating with, in my experience.

Now, there are many other fur babies and four-legged children out there other than the ones I have chosen or, better put, the ones who adopted me. Dachshunds, Westies, French Bulldogs are very cute puppies, but let’s be real and remember that they are great for Christmas presents, yes, of course, but they are a long-time responsibility. Let’s all keep in mind that they love us unconditionally, and, whether from a breeder or a shelter, it’s very important that they all deserve forever loving homes.

It’s a good thing to keep in the forefront of your mind when considering giving your loved ones their presents, so strap on those antlers and Santa hats, ribbons, bows and bells, and funny sweaters. I get them smiling for the camera in the most adorable way possible. Pictures of our fur babies, especially during the holidays, are another great idea for a mantle display. They also make great ornaments and mementos and bring back heartwarming memories.

Merry Merry Christmas to my fellow fur baby moms and dads out there! I think we are all a special brand, and just like kids, animals bring out the best in most people. A good point to keep in mind during the holidays is that there are fur babies that need a good home, but I know not everyone can rescue one. Please, during this Christmas season, consider donating or volunteering at your local shelter.😽😻☃️🐰🐶