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Fall Foyer Designs

 Fall Foyer Designs

Now that we have ideas on how to greet our fall guests with our front door, let’s invite our guests into the foyer and carry the theme throughout the house. 

A little inexpensive suggestion is having a fall scented candle or plug in that has a nice pumpkin smell. 

Food smells make people feel welcome when they enter your home.  Why do you think realtors suggest baking cookies or having a candle that smells like fresh baked cookies when you are showing your home?  It makes people feel like they are home. Now your foyer design just like your front door design can be traditional, whimsical or whatever style you choose. 

Lighting is a very important feature and is a great way to make a statement.  Whether you have a large foyer or a quaint entryway you can set the mood with your lighting choices.

Also fresh seasonal flowers can be set on a side table, even some fall foliage from your trees can be made into an arrangement to welcome the outdoors in.

Whatever your interest may be our team at J. Mozeley Interiors are more than happy to help.  You can contact us at or call for a consultation.


Rustic Fall EntryPumkin Entry