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5 Tips to Anticipating spring colors and incorporating them into your home

Charlotte, Mecklenburg, Carrabba’s, and Lincoln County – spring is on the way!

The birds singing, flowers are blooming, probably due to all the rain and neighborhoods are coming to life with outside activity.  Spring inspires new colors and fresh goals so here are 5 tips to add comfort to your home that I hope will help.

☝️ Refreshing your home with pastel colors in different hues and motifs, will bring you enjoyment reflecting the new season and suiting your personal style. Rosie pinks combine with blooming shades of cool blues and refreshing greens bring tranquility to your home that we all seem to need right now. Adding fresh lilacs and vibrant yellows are guaranteed to boost your mood when used in accent pillows throws art and area rugs and don’t forget those runners.

Number 2: Balance is also very important! Try using essential materials, like wood. This adds an organic feel and metal This combination can make a warmer, yet crisp, organic feel to the beauty of your home. The imperfections add to the beauty, like trying live edges for example, with wood tables mantels and shelving.

Number 3: Staining and re-purposing pieces in your home is very popular these days. Spring cleaning and purging gives us lots of extra ideas and materials for reupholstering a few pieces of furniture you haven’t been using, like an ottoman bench or even an armchair. You can also add your favorite color with paint to an old piece of furniture, for a touch of whimsy, that will make your space pop with a new life!

Number 4: Texture adds interest and detail, no matter what your choice of color or neutral preference.  Accents, like glass vases, pottery bowls or sculptures, in all shapes sizes and surfaces, is a good place to add vibrant color or softer pastels. I’m seeing Forsythia, and Pussy Willows in bloom! A few branches added with your vases is also a great idea.

Number 5: Lighting! Try this with a bold statement, like switching out a chandelier and adding a new focal point with a modernized or refashioned piece. Pendants, table lamps, floor lighting, with dimmers and USB ports for multitasking.  Changing out the shade on your lamp and different color bulbs, from frosted to clear or Edison bulbs, are also another way, subtle as it may be, that make a big difference!

Winter is quickly leaving and the need for fresh color light accents and spring decor is a great way to wash away the blues. So, whether your style is, more modern metallic, vintage finishes, modern farmhouse, or a combination of subtle changes for your spring decorating ideas can go a long way.

So let’s focus on the things that put a smile on her face and move forward!

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