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An Oasis Awaits

As a designer, my job is to transform spaces. Creating a reality from your vision and my expertise is my job! And I love it. But have you ever considered taking that vision outdoors? Can you invision yourself relaxing in your own backyard, but feeling like you’re at a high end spa? We can do that too! Transforming your outdoor space is just as important as creating your vision indoors. Our specific skill set and our talented work family at J. Mozeley Interiros can create your vision indoors and outdoors!

Creating an outdoor space can include several of the aspects I touched on last week in my post, but I wanted to focus on really transforming your existing space into an oasis.

Infinity Pools

If you have not seen this gorgeous pool addition, it is making its way from spas and exclusive resorts into your backyard!


Okay, and maybe you don’t have a view quite like this…but any kind of beautiful landscaping or scenery that you’re lucky enough to have access to should be highlighted! Dontcha think?!

Essential Seating

It would be such a shame to have a beautiful pool with a stunning view, and no where to sit and enjoy it! On a hot day, where lounging in the pool is the only thing you can even think about doing, underwater seating is going to take your space from ordinary to luxurious.

Add your seating near an edge or a built in bar for added comfort and a little extra wow factor! Allowing you to rest drinks, or even elbows, on a surface will bring added comfort, as well as practicality.
This is possible even in the smallest of spaces, using different levels of to create seating and added comfort.

Entertain Like a Champ

While your pool is obviously for your own enjoyment, don’t forget about the aspect of entertaining! As a host or hostess, you want to be sure to offer options of different spaces to interact with guests. Creating a space that encourages conversation and allows guests to be comfortable and feel at home is essential to being a good entertainer.
Comfortable seating and options are the way to go! And you can create the look of luxury with gorgeous finishes that will transform your space.

Adding Greenery and Plants

In a space that is already rich with color and fragrance from the surrounding nature, you might not think to bring foliage into the created space. But, creating the continuity and flow of nature throughout the entire space will add luxury and a polished look to create a gorgeous finished product that will draw you outdoors and make spending time there enjoyable.

Also, don’t forget to add contrast and interest with alternating shapes and textures! Curved edges will soften the space and give the feeling of being at a spa or resort, while upscale textures added through finishes will be the final touch of extravagance you need to really transform the space.

Finishing Touches

Don’t forget about lighting!

Add lights above the pool and around the seating areas to create beautiful reflections in the water! But don’t forget to add lighting in the pool for color and ambiance!






Waterfalls and Imbedded Pools


Incorporating all of these aspects are guaranteed to create an extravagant outdoor space that you and your guests can’t help but love! Call J. Mozeley interiors today for a personalized vision and quote!