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Decorating Your Kids Homeschooling Area

Ballantye, Pineville and Charlotte area parents are homeschooling whether by choice or out of necessity due to the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging, yes stressful, yes that too and confusing. Well I think that goes without saying…at least that’s what some of my Mom’s friends are sharing with me, since my kids are of the four-legged fuzzy face variety, I’ll have to take their word for it.

So, when I empathize with them, while encouraging them and reminding their kiddos to be sweet to their new teachers I’m the unofficial cool aunt, so they talk to me. I get helpful suggestions from them like maybe their environment is more important than we realize, especially to them. Now, of course since I’m a designer/decorator, I learn about immediate surroundings and the influence, or lack thereof, on every project I am involved in with my clients and of course I correct that for them.

So, my point is the area in your home that is dedicated to their school work should definitely keep in mind their needs while blending with your home and keeping it personalized for them If you yourself work from home you have a home office maybe a similar many office/classroom would be a great way to blend your homes decor with their needs in mind here are a few examples compliments of Pinterest that my clients are finding very helpful and inspirational as jumping off points for this exact type of project I do have more examples on my Pinterest page under kids spaces so please check it out.

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