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Designated Work Space Tips For Working From Home

Hello Charlotte neighbors, according to the Charlotte Observer working from home has recently risen up from 5% to 7%, in North Carolina, Mecklenburg County alone it’s up to 9% and it has just begun a significant momentum due to covered 19, Social Distancing, and Home schooling our children options.  Sooo, from a design perspective what does that mean for your home? It means Corporate American’s are utilizing Zoom type apps for Conferences, Mom’s/Teachers will be home schooling.  In some cases, working from home has never been so literal for the whole family, And where are we going to make space for this new normal, well I have some suggestions, tips and guidelines that I think will help with the transformation of spaces unused currently in your home, yes, 9 times out of 10  people have these spaces, so How about we get started.?!

Keep these 5 tips in the forefront of your mind.

  1. Location, space & privacy, storage, function, and of course view and the last one is actually very important here’s why.
  2. Taking a 5-minute break every 30 minutes is good for the brain, being close to a window, natural light away from distractions, (TV, kids, pets etc.) and fresh air according to the Experts, aid substantially in memory enhancement, & please don’t forget task lighting.
  3. Designated Space and privacy,  whether you are home schooling or working from home a selected space is very important along with storage and function there are many options out today for creative storage for the perfect functionality which can do double duty for an extra lamp storage of books and/or files.
  4. Also, homeschooling these days has many online options, video lessons and teaching aids to help educate your children. So make sure you have a good Wi-Fi capable area and a good lifeline available (call a friend) to call when you get stuck teaching your kids, Best of luck with all of this I know it’s a challenge.
  5. In addition, keep in mind this is part of your home and it needs to have style: an extra hanging plant, a favorite piece of art and possibly a focus wall and comfy chair that blends with a decor of your home will help make this space not stand out from the rest of your home. Instead it will bring new life to an area that hasn’t been being used to its full potential.

Stay tuned for next week when I have more specific ideas until then please take care be safe and stay well.

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