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Dew Your Seasonal Luxuries Include Flowers of the Season

Yes, of course, seasonal flowers. I mean, they’re making their debut with Spring and all and are naturally alluring inside and outside of your home! They’re also much more than just beautiful and fragrant and bring so many elements throughout your home together. There are so many different types of materials, from silk, dried, foam, and paper … there’s just too many to mention, so let’s dig in, shall we?

Location, location, location …

Floral centerpieces never go out of style. They adorn our front doors with color to invite! On a dining table, kitchen table, or breakfast bar, a burst of fresh, eye-catching color is always appreciated. Entry ways are also a great place to display an arrangement, from formal to casual. Any flower connoisseur has to agree, flower motifs, whether large or small, soften any room in your house by bringing nature indoors!

The Best Flowers for Spring!

For example, cherry blossoms are an impressive an arrangement. Tulips seem to be popping up everywhere in North Carolina with the warmer temperatures and are an exquisite, bold statement of Spring along with peonies and orchids, these rich pigments can refresh any living room or family. Add a matching throw pillow or piece of art, and VOILA! You’ve just updated the interior of your home by introducing new colors and fragrances!

Do you need help getting your house ready for Spring? Are you that person that can’t even keep a cactus alive? Let J. Mozeley with our 17 year+ experience walk you through and freshen up your home! For a free 30-minute phone consultation, call us at (704) 966-1223!

And stay tuned next thyme for a little talk on lavender, mint, and refreshing your bathrooms and bedrooms!