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DIY: Design a Mood-Setting Flower Arrangement!

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” ― Wassily Kandinsky

Color and emotion are psychologically tied together … Right, ladies? Sorry, fellas! Ha ha! You can display your emotions through your creative DIY outlets and color choices! There is nothing to bee 🐝 afraid of in terms of creating a beautiful and emotionally-pleasing flower arrangement for your home if you follow these few guidelines.

1. Understand how color affects your feelings!

For many, blue is a popular color because it is calming. The reason is that it matches life-giving water and a bright, shining sky. You see, associations of nature are important in terms of how people react to color spectrums. Yellow, for instance, is the sun, the warmth of the Earth, but it is also butter! Who doesn’t love butter? 🙂

Green is the most common color on the planet, and it represents vibrancy and new life! Red is passion and fire and romance! It’s the red sports car! It’s that little red dress! So, as you consider creating your flower arrangement, remember how these colors can alter a person’s mindset, from sad to happy, from blah to surprised, and so on!

2. Colors in different rooms mean different things!

So, yes, red has certain emotional implications, but where you see the color red matters! For example, if you and your significant other are having an argument in your bedroom, and there is too much red, it can fuel the emotions in that situation. Or, if the color red is used thoughtfully in a bedroom, it can enhance the romance! Color and placement are extremely important!

Let’s think about bathrooms for a moment! What do we want for our bathroom? We want it to feel fresh and clean like the commercials say! So, what might be ideal for the bathroom are colors like pastels, pink, lavender, and seafoam green! Some flowers that would make your bathroom feel friendly and clean are daisies, tulips, baby roses, marigolds, and, of course, baby’s breath!

3. Your display of vase, heirloom, or bowl matters!

It isn’t just the color of the flowers that matter, it’s also the display! First, think about your mood! Think about what mood you’re setting for the entire house, not just the room. Your display can help bring the room together, pairing proportion and balance with any colors you choose. It can bring out the warm feeling of Summer or the fresh feeling of Spring!

Your display can be understated, it can compliment, or it can stand out, and of course, the room where a single arrangement or multiple arrangements are placed still matters!

Do you need some help?

Maybe you’re no green thumb, Martha Stewart, or Johnny Appleseed. Don’t worry, we won’t tell … and with our help, no one else will be able to tell either. 🙂

Let us help you get your flower game on fleek! (Apparently, that means cool to us baby boomers.) For a free 30-minute phone consultation, call J. Mozeley today at (704) 966-1223!