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Family Rooms Designed For The Times

Can you feel it?  Yep! Fall…Fall is in the air.  The weather is starting to get cooler and soon the leaves will be changing colors and then BOOM! before you know it the holidays will be upon us!

So don’t get caught behind, let J. Mozeley Interiors help you get your home ready for friends and family.  So where do we start?  Well, what better place to start, than in the Family Room.  This is the place where most, if not all, of the action take place.

From ceiling to floors we’ll help you make the right selections of lighting, accessories, custom pillows and furniture; and if you’re like me and can’t part with those “vintage” (aka “old”-go ahead lol) furniture pieces, we’ll show you how to give those pieces new life by reupholstering them and making them look like new.

Our experienced team’s love for design will show you how to make your Family Room cozy and warm; so go ahead make the call, 704-966-1223, or email us at and let’s get ready to create Holiday Memories that will last forever?

Family Room pic 4-iii   Family Room pic 3-iii

Family Room pic 2-iii   Family Room pic 1-iii

 Images are inspirational ideas brought to you by J. Mozeley Interiors