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Got the Fever?

Spring is right around the corner. That means, spring fever is here. Now. I’m sure you’re feeling it just as much as I am. Cold, dreary, rainy days, stuck inside with little to do except stare at your old, worn furniture and your six year old wall paint colors.But those beautiful mid-60’s days are here too, which is making the wintery days even harder!

If you’re a do-er (like me) and sitting around waiting for spring is just not an option, I’ve created a list of things that will not only fill your time, but also feed your soul. I think it’s so important in the current age of technology to do things that can disconnect us. Give our minds a break from constant information overload. Give our souls a break from constant FB envy and Pinterest board fails. Create, engage, awaken, impart.

Here are 5 ways I like to disconnect –

Create Something

Even if you are not a creative at heart, there are so many ways to express yourself and your creativity. For me it’s artwork. I studied art in school, I’ve taught art, and creating art is my happy place. There are small pieces of artwork sprinkled through my house – things that might have only taken me 20 minutes – but pieces that speak to my soul and are part of a process of releasing and filling.  If you’re not an artist, search for art that does speak to you.

But don’t do it on the screen of your phone.

Visit a museum, find a catalog, go shopping in TJ Maxx or Target, get your camera and take photographs of objects and places. Get inspired by nature. TRY to draw or paint! Once you can get past the mentality of art being something of perfection and precision, you can find the heart and soul of the artist and release your fears to create a beautiful work you are proud of!

Take this opportunity to bring that piece of your heart to your home. Create a work of art or find a work of art, then display it in your house! This can be big, small, multiples (like a wall full of photos) or even super simple, but adding artwork creates a personalized space that can be so expressive, so vulnerable, yet so comforting.

Write a letter

I love this. There is something so intentional and so personal about letter writing, not only for the giver, but for the receiver as well. Haven’t you ever rifled through your grandparents closets and found a box of love letters?! (Okay, maybe that stuff only happens in movies, but still!) I believe this is a lost art, but it doesn’t have to be! We still have mailboxes, they still deliver things across the country, and they still sell stamps (you can even buy them online). Again, this doesn’t have to be super fancy, or even super personal, a simple card, just to say “hello” can put a smile on your face and bring unknown happiness and joy to the person who receives it. Go out and find some pretty paper and nice pens. Sit down in a quite space with a cup of coffee and think of a person you want to bless. Someone who needs to hear from you. Someone who needs some light and joy.

If you’re not into writing letters, find some cards or letters that have been written to you. Things you’ve saved that are important to you and frame them! Why would you save something in a box in your closet?! Create a beautiful work of art by displaying those personal, joy-filled moments in your home. Find a local, custom framing shop (or even Hobby Lobby), take your items in with an idea of what kind of frame fits with your home decor, and let the professional do the rest. You would be astounded at how this seemingly meaningless piece of paper can be transformed into a beautiful work of art!


Create an Indoor Succulent Garden 

It might be too cold still to get out and garden, but that should not stop you from getting your hands dirty with some potting soil and plants! These beautiful, easy-to-care-for plants can liven any space with little work. Buy cute planters, or even find un-used coffee mugs and other vessels in your house, and get a few small succulents from your local home improvement store. They are stocked year round and usually in pretty good shape. And if these low maintenance plants are take care of properly, they will flourish and grow beyond what you ever could have even imagined!

If you have never owned any succulent plants, be sure to read up on care for each specific type of succulent you purchase, as they all have different light, watering, and even potting needs.
Get Started on Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a daunting task, it can even be fun for the non-cleaner (like myself)! Taking this task in chunks, or using the compound effect will create a decluttered, more organized you before you even realize you have cleaned anything!

Get into a space that stresses you out; It can be your pantry, your closet, your bathroom, your guest room/junk room. Begin with a vision and a clear direction of the task at hand, and just go little by little. A good rule of thumb, if you haven’t used it, meaning it hasn’t been touched, in two years, then get rid of it.

note* Be honest and strict with yourself – don’t find something in your closet you haven’t worn in six years and think to yourself, “Oh there it is! I am going to keep this so I can wear it now that I’ve found it!” Because you won’t.

Spend only 15 minutes a day going through one area of the space; so for example, if it is a pantry, tackle one shelf at a time. Make lists of things you need to buy to re-stock or re-organize the space (containers, baskets, etc) and again, do a little day by day. Before you realize it, the space will be clean and de-cluttered and you will not have spent three whole days looking at your spice rack!

Don’t these spaces just make you drool?
Create a Gorgeous Guest Space

This is one of my favorite ways to get my home ready for spring. We don’t really have a lot of guests come visit. Actually, we don’t have any guests come visit (ha!), but I still love to have a space where they would feel welcome if they ever did come stay! Creating a great guest space is more than just having cute bedding and nice window treatments; it’s about creating a space that feels like home, even when they are not home.

Obviously, presenting your guests with fresh, clean linens is never a bad idea, but keep it simple while making a statement. Be sure to provide options, so that, if your guest is cold natured, or hot natured, they will be comfortable. Putting a heavy goose down comforter on the bed year round might be too much warmth, especially if your home is located in regions where it does get very warm; just something to consider.

Keep it simple and clean and go the extra mile.

Guests’ love the personal touches and will never be disappointed when they feel as though you’ve gone above and beyond for their sake.