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Indoor/Outdoor Living Tips & Ideas

Here’s a few tips from the trade for Indoor/Outdoor Living

Hey there Charlotte, this week Cornelius and Huntersville is our featured area for indoor outdoor living tips though of course they work for all of Charlotte.

First off, this tip applies to all areas of your home inside and outside and a very necessary reminder that saves headaches in the end are you ready…

Number one measure, measure, measure!

Your indoor and outdoor spaces need to look pretty, comfortable and inviting but if items look too scarce or worse too crowded the look you’re going for will not be achieved. Also keep in mind measuring the floor area is not the only measuring that is necessary: walls, ceilings and in between spaces are also very important, neglecting them means missing an opportunity to display your taste and style, which of course directly affects your moods and mindset.

There is one more thing: measuring the furniture, rugs tables and lighting trust me it’s essential.

Okay, on to number two:

Color scheme adds so much to your home, including aiding in each room to flow from one to the other having a few colors (2 to 3), or shades of the same color for example red pink and blush, or dark blue periwinkle (which is a lighter blue/purple) or light blue, whatever colors make you feel good can also be stunning throughout your home. Still not sure here’s an easy visual, paint colors, most paint samples come with lighter and darker shades with the color you are looking for you can find them in the stores or online although in-store samples are much better computer screens very in colors. Throws and pillows are easy ways to introduce colors and enhance rooms throughout the seasons along with art, flowers & vases which can also be easily stored which, let’s face it, no matter how much room you have we still all need storage.

Number three: placement and layout

Okay, this is not as hard as you think. So let us start out with the larger pieces.

Seeing as you already have the measurements for your furniture pieces and rooms as suggested earlier, this part is already partially done. The best way to start is floor two ceiling put your area rug where you would like it place your furniture pieces around the area rug keeping in mind a square rug can go diagonal and layering rugs is a great idea for texture. Larger rugs are easier to work with and consider it like this The rug suggest s a room inside of a room this also helps and starting the layout of a room, here’s another tip pull that furniture off the walls You can walk behind a couch for a designated traffic flow as easily as you can walk through a room or in front of a couch conversation areas are key. With furniture keep in mind lighting is a part of that layering lighting is as easy as labeling task lighting for reading ambience lighting for a nice glow and overall lighting for illuminating the entire room.

As usual J Mozeley gives free 30-minute phone consultations communication is key to get you going on the right path so please give us a call at 704-966-1223 or contact us on we look forward to hearing from you soon.