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Introduce Jewel Tones to Your Home This Spring!

Jewel tones are in! Think Hollywood glam! What’s that line from Pretty Woman? “Everyone who comes to Hollywood has a dream. What’s your dream?”

What Exactly are Jewel Tones?

To understand Jewel tones, you do need think about glamour and Hollywood glitz. Think about red carpets, rubies necklaces, sapphire earrings, sequined emerald dresses, crystal chandeliers, black onyx tuxedos, purple bowties, and so much more.

Color has intrinsic meaning. For example, we all know that purple is a sign of royalty. When you’re considering jewel tones for your space, you need to consider what you want to portray to your captivated audience.

How Could I Use Jewel Tones?

For example, a luxurious ruby red could be seen as romantic, as passionate, and loving, which would be perfect for a alluring bedroom or hot pepper sriracha kitchen!

It’s key to know what you’re doing with these bold colors. Misused, and such a statement could come off as tacky, as loud, as inappropriate. Color is one of the great weapons in our decorating arsenal! Knowing how to accent color without overwhelming your guests is the key to a classy and elegant color pallet.

How Do I Get Started?

Color me confused. Ha ha! Well, sometimes, it’s key to consult an expert in color and design, someone with an artistic eye and the experience to back it up. We at J. Mozeley Interiors, would love to team up with you to make your house the Hollywood showcase that you’ve always wanted whether it’s one room or your entire home!

Don’t take a risk. Call J. Mozeley Interiors today for an absolutely free 30-minute phone consultation or email us through our Contact Form!