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Keep Your Fireplace Burning All Year Round!

Spring is here! Rejoice! Birds are singing, tulips are blooming, “ACHOO!” God bless you. Spring is a wonderful time of year, a time of love, yet, with the days warming, this means the ambiance of a romantic blaze in your fireplace is likely go dormant for months. Unless …

Keep Your Fireplace Festive!

Since few fires are likely to be stoked in the coming months, how do you keep your mantle and hearth a alluring focal point for your home? Flower arrangements and candle configurations offer a classic to whimsical flair as an optional look for your fireplace.

Flower Arrangements

For Spring, consider arrangements including the delicate bouquet of marigolds, lilacs, peonies, and eucalyptus, and include a fragrant addition of herbs like Italian basil, rosemary, cilantro, and mint. These arrangements work splendidly both indoors and out, in wreaths, baskets, and vases. They will bring freshness, color, and a invigorating mood to your home.

Candle Placement

Since fire is out in the hotter months, well-placed candles on the mantle and in the fireplace can offer the flickering and romantic glow your loved ones will enjoy. Safety is paramount when using candles, so be sure to use candle holders that are difficult to knock over, and be sure to keep them out of reach of children and fur babies! One of the keys to candle design is varying heights and widths, and use of votives, and candle chandeliers offer a classic style, and some incense might be a nice touch for aromatherapy enthusiasts.

Say “YES” to Romance!

Get expert advise on how to prepare your indoor and outdoor living areas for Spring! J. Mozeley Interiors has over seventeen years experience helping homeowners in the Charlotte, Lake Norman, and Ballantyne area make their homes beautiful. Take the frustration out of research by simply giving us a call!

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Thank you, and don’t forget your benadryl! 🤧 🙂