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New Fall Decor Trends for you Charlotte

halloween or fall decorations of pumpkins corn stalks hay flowers gourds an old truck and many autumn themed decorations

Plush Velvet and Stylish Pumpkins in Any and All sizes, shapes, or color palette You Choose.!   They are great party ideas too, if a pumpkin carving party is not for you.   You can use many different items and materials toilet paper rolls are one of my favorite, taking a piece of velvet wrapping it around the toilet paper roll tieing it at the top with twine and adding (sparkle) always, felt leaves and a few branches from the backyard for a stem, I have lots of ideas on my Pinterest page, check so check them out!

If you are anything like me you adore the Thanksgiving and Fall Season, When I was a little girl before my dad would take us to cut down trees at the Christmas tree lot, in Florida, LOL, we would go to our favorite local pumpkin patch taking our time to find the best carving pumpkins short, tall, fat, in an array of oranges, yellows and greens. Then, With the help of my dad, my sisters and I would attempt at making our best “scary face”, “funny face” or “what kind of face is that” Jack-o-zAutumlanterns to put candles in and use as part of our Halloween and Thanksgiving neighborhood contest our neighborhood had every year, and Yes, then and now, I always still incorporate sparkles. And even though we never won, we always placed in the top 5, not bad huh?! So much fun, such great memories which is what I fondly use to create new holiday memories and traditions for my family and clients.

So, in celebrating the New Fall Season, let’s see what we can add, in and outside our homes, To last year‘s seasonal harvest hello, for our family, friends and neighbors to enjoy, and possibly win a Holiday decorating Contest or two! Velvet pumpkins are great for indoor displays and combining them with Autumn Hughes of creams, browns deep yellows and vibrant oranges and peaches, rich textures and patterns make them even more eye-catching. Pine cones, candles, wreaths, beautiful outdoor leaves and even cinnamon and berries are great suggestions that I have used beautifully.

Now, We can’t forget our outdoor patios, decks and front porches using neutrals and layering them with fresh flowers,  “Mum’s are always my go to” this time of year, large hanging or standing signs  welcoming the Fall Season, lanterns, bails of hay of course the necessary combo of pumpkins, large corn husks tied in the middle in with your favorite coordinating patterns and textures & scarecrows, Thanksgiving wreaths & garland. These Ideas and suggestions are sure to put a smile on Family friends and neighbors faces so enjoy the compliments.

Gourds and Pumpkins in a Large Birdbath Centerpiece for a fall decoration for indoors or outdoors.