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Summer is flying by, Charlotte!

Another school year about to start and Hurricane Season, is at its peak and the weather is Hot and Humid, which is usual for Aug, so… let’s talk about those outdoor spaces!

I’ve yet to run into a situation in life, much less in Interior Design and Decorating, where there is Toooo much inspiration, mainly because, I think, it’s all around us, and constantly changing. Our beautiful Queen City is bursting at the seams. With all kinds of ideas to inspire our homes Whether it’s large rooms small rooms great rooms or outdoor spaces.

Having been personally busy with vacations with vacations out of town company and going back to school preparations day trit’s day trips to our famous lake Norman and like Wiley and enjoying the wide varieties of boating and public beaches to enjoy not to mention our local Lakeside restaurants it’s hard to catch your breath.

So, let’s take some sometime to focus on how best to enjoy your family’s outdoor spaces year-round here are 3 of my client’s favorite must have’s for enjoying our outdoor realis our outdoor real estate all year long.

1st fresh air and outdoor sounds can enhance the simple enjoyment of you is enjoyment of you and your family’s home while expanding more memory making opportunities like what is opportunities like water gun jewels water balloon games and outdoor movie nights the sky is movie nights the sky is the limit literally. Rainy days can even be enjoyed outside by having an umbrella and indoor-outdoor drapery panels installed to your covered patio porch or gazebo providing protection from the rain ooh how cozy shade as necessary This is important to remember no matter the season.

2nd lighting is another popular choice with rope lighting string lights candlelight and landscape lighting is lighting the choices are endless if you’re endless don’t forget not to underestimate the flicker of an outdoor fire pits an outdoor a fireplace or fireplace or the opportunity of some more making memories Maurice lighting creates ambience where there once was none this is a very powerful tool.

3rd water, water, water, water!! The sound is tranquil with bubbling fountains bird baths bringing in wildlife a waterfall that falls into a pond for backyard landscaping or front porch curb appeal. To add a little extra Just add goldfish by the way they aren’t just gold anymore red, white, and blue or blueish gray are also Popular options.  Then of course for us locals there is the much-needed pool and hot tub combination surrounded with seasonal plants a various color texture and fragrance but will dive further into that on my next blog ETA by end of month with more inspiring ideas like swings hammocks furniture placement area rugs outdoor kitchens and foliage with colorful decorative planter combinations.

As usual J Mozeley gives free 30-minute phone consultations. Communication is key to get you going on the right path so please give us a call at 704-966-1223 or contact us on we look forward to hearing from you soon.