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Decorating Ideas for Your Backyard Patio & Sunroom!

Does this crazy Charlotte weather have you feeling unsure about what to wear?

Do you break out the shorts and a t-shirt or do you bundle up in all the jackets you can find?

It has us tongue-tied! Plus, we’re unsure if it’s time to wear green yet, we don’t want to get pinched, do you?

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, we can help bring a little bit of that Irish charm into your home! Irrrrrriissshhhh!

Rain, snowflakes, or sunshine, you won’t catch us snoozing even if that sunroom couch is calling our names! Did we say sunroom!? Yes!

Do you have a deck that needs remodeling? Maybe you just need an outdoor living space that brings nature inside! A good way to do that is with floor to ceiling indoor/outdoor drapery and an area rug to start.

Either way, we would love to help you create a room that makes you feel like it’s sunny and seventy-five year-round! Large open windows that let you experience the great outdoors while sitting in the cozy abode you always wished for. Crown molding on the ceilings and brand-new flooring pull the whole room together into a perfectly cozy hideout.

Bright colors, and lighting such as ceiling fans or rope lighting to kick those wintertime blues to the curb.


Of course, we can’t forget the fireplace, it’s the backyard fireside element of the sunroom! We will make this your favorite room in the house!

Find us around Indian Trail, Piper Glen, and even Freedom Park, we’re right in your backyard!



Let us help you bring a little more sunshine into your home! Give J. Mozeley Interiors a call at (704)-966-1223 for your free 30-minute consultation or visit our website at

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