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Taking the Spook Out of Design

Halloween a time for scary movies, cool costumes and delicious candy…So what does that have to do with Decorating?  Well nothing really, except, it got me thinking how some of our decorating ideas can SPOOK us…Questions like: are we ready to decorate?; do we know what to do?; do we have the time to do it?; creep up in our thoughts (this is where you giggle), you get the picture, right!  Well at J. Mozeley Interiors we have the answers to all those questions and more.

So if you’ve been putting off giving your home a refresh, a new look; put it off NO LONGER!  Let our experienced team help you get that Family Room spruced up; or your Master Bedroom transformed into the Oasis you deserve; or just update the walls in those rooms you need to bring back to life.  No matter what you need, we’ll get the SPOOK out of your design projects!

Inspirational images brought to you by J. Mozeley 

Family Room pic 1-ii      Family Room pic 2-ii Master bedrm pic1      Master bedrm pic2

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