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Top 5 Tips for Updating Porches, Terraces, Sunrooms and Decks

How’s everybody doing in this hot weather out there Charlotte?

Since there’s a growing number of indoor-outdoor spaces being created. Here’s the top five tips of updating your porches terraces, sun-rooms and decks.

  1. Outdoor showers it’s a luxury addition to your outdoor space especially when blending the outdoor elements and architectural detail of your home such as stone tile a living wall and of course plants that enjoy lots of H2O
  2. Outdoor lighting is very important inviting & comes in many options these days, Rope lighting along stairs around a deck keep in mind lighting comes in warm and cool colors. Of course we have to mention ceiling fans with alfresco lighting kits these are always a good way to go in addition overhead string lights & twinkle lighting work great for wrapping gazebos & trees depending on how much light you want, please don’t forget those solar lights for the perimeter of your yard they also work great as accents whether they’re illuminating out or up lighting always a great option.
  3. Stylish, Comfortable and complementary, furniture and area rugs can capture that resort look that draws you outdoors to relax, being sure you compliment you with colors that you have in your landscape and home.
  4. Indoor/outdoor drapery and the cantilever style umbrellas they add a look of sophistication while adding the benefit of shade, always much needed in the summer and fall months in North Carolina.
  5. Okay five is going to be a combination of things let’s start with that all necessary outdoor kitchen, yeah guys we got you covered there’s many variations of these I suggest  the Gourmet family chef be largely involved in choosing of this particular item along with the LARGE outdoor TV for those long awaited sporting events that cannot be missed while still mingling with family and friends. Then what is an outdoor space without the sound of water?  Bird baths water fountains or soothing Grandeur floor to ceiling water features, combined with a fire feature or separate is a bold statement with many benefits.

Well Charlotte there you go, look forward to our next blog with tips on how to get the most enjoyment of your home during the summer and fall seasons.

Please stay safe and keep those masks on.