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Spring is Fast Approaching!

It’s halfway through February and Spring is fast approaching. You know what that means …


Yes, it’s that time of year where cleaning leaves us all with questions. Should I keep this? Will I use that? How much of my old stuff should I give away?

I have a different suggestion. Instead of just cleaning, Spring is a great time to spruce of areas of the house. How can you sharpen a small corner of your house like a small hallway, a powder room, or a nook? It can be challenging.

Wallpaper for Accent Spaces

Wallpaper brings small spaces to life, and, no, we aren’t talking about your grandmother’s wallpaper. Modern wallpaper is textured, cleanable, and spongeable, and if applied with skill and style, it can accent your house in amazing ways with just a small change.

What will you do to brighten up your home for Spring? If you need help or would like to get some advice on how to make your home beautiful and bright, call J. Mozeley Interiors today for a free phone consultation! (704) 966-1223