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Kitchen Organizing for the Holidays


It is only thirteen days till Thanksgiving and what better way to enjoy my visitors then to have my game plan ready in advance.  We have the ability to control some of the stress of the holidays if we plan ahead and keep ourselves organized.  So before we have guests for Thanksgiving lets get the kitchen organized.  It is the perfect time to do an inventory of your pantry and organize your shelves so when your ready to go shopping you know whether or not you have 27 cans of green beans in your cabinets or just 1.  The team at J. Mozeley Interiors is always here to help.  You can call us at 704-966-1223 or e-mail

Julian’s Tip: To help cut down on the stress of preparing a meal  for the whole family you can lay out the cook wear that you will need and  shop well in advance.

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