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Timeless Kitchen Design

If you’re like me, and record all of the HGTV design shows in order to binge watch over and over, then you are in the know about designing your very own top-of-the-line kitchen. You have every detail planned in your head, and the final product is, to say the least, perfection! But, you’ve never actually gotten around to doing any of the work it takes to get that remodel done; or worse, you’ve started and now your family has to eat out for dinner every night because you’ve got no clean dishes or countertops!

Kitchen remodel does not have to be a scary thing, especially if it’s done correctly. The right professionals with the skills to bring your personalized design to life can not only transform a space visually, but they can take a space from operational to functionally unbelievable.

Open floor plans and open shelving are a MUST right now in design, and for a good reason. The kitchen is the place where people gather. Even if there is no food being served, it is just the hub of the home, and always has been. Creating a practical space with a good flow, eye-catching design and plenty of storage was a necessity that drove the design industry to open concept and one that has kept the idea in high demand.

At first glance, these kitchens might seem to be lacking storage, instead of creating more storage, but in reality, the storage solutions and design aspects in these kitchens are INCREDIBLE!

So, what are the must have kitchen features for this year?

1. Two Toned Cabinets (uppers and lowers or island) – while the whites are still in, the grays are getting darker to create a more bold, defined space.

2. Storage Solutions – creating storage space is not about square footage, but instead, it’s about being creative and innovative. Hiding appliances, going vertical, and using every square inch of space is a storage solution trend that is sure to stick around.
Photo by Roundhouse – Look for kitchen pictures
Photo by Stringer Construction & Design – More kitchen ideas
Photo by Cutting Edge Cabinetry – Look for kitchen design inspiration
Photo by Glenvale Kitchens – More kitchen ideas
3. Mixing Finishes – the days of creating a unified look through matching metals are gone. Mixing finishes allows you to play with textures, sheens, light, color, and visual appeal in a simple and modern way. And in case you were wondering, yes, gold is BACK! (but not like the 1990’s shiny polished gold that is in your neighborhood model home, like the antique brass type gold…GORGEOUS!)
Photo by Christine Sheldon Design – Browse kitchen photos
Photo by CVI Design – Carly Visser – Browse kitchen photos

4. Customized Design Elements…Everywhere – adding a darker floor with lighter cabinetry will create a stunning contrast giving your design elements the attention they deserve. A custom tile backsplash makes a personal statement in a space that can often feel so utilitarian and sterile.

Photo by BEVOLO GAS & ELECTRIC LIGHTS – Discover kitchen design ideas
Photo by Sustainable Kitchens – Discover kitchen design ideas
Photo by Savvy Interiors – Discover kitchen design inspiration


5. Architectural Elements – whether they are original to the architecture of the house or not, creating or emphasizing architectural elements within an open concept space can create the illusion or feeling of separate, but cohesive spaces. Adding beams, archways, windows, or even highlighting a range hood can give the space the character it needs to become its own.

Photo by Bauscher Construction & Remodeling, Inc. – Browse kitchen photos 
Photo by Fiorella Design – Look for kitchen design inspiration
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Of course, these are just some of the features and ideas that make the greatest room in the house the most beautiful one. At J.Mozeley Interiors, our team has all of the expertise needed to create your ideal space. From designing to executing, we can ensure that your kitchen is not just the place where everyone hangs out, but the place where everyone wants to hang out.