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Airbnb & Vacation Home Makeovers

Airbnb Room Makeovers – The New Rave!

Airbnb has reinvented the way that homeowners generate income from the simple act of renting their unused rooms and vacation homes to travelers and guests.

To earn a higher night’s or week’s rent, you need to offer newly-designed rooms that appeal to a more discerning guest and overnight traveler. Let’s just say that you need to jazz it up some!

Biggest Trends for Airbnb & Vacation Home Makeovers

1. The New Confident Color Palette – Dusky blues, spicy reds and lime greens are exciting color choices for 2017 especially suited for the socially aware traveler and vacation home hunter. “These new colors give your rooms that upscale pop that says you are paying attention to details,” says J. Mozeley.

2. Gorgeous Wall Coverings – The new color, texture and pattern designs for 2017 have transformed boring wallpaper into fantastic wall covering choices! “Wall coverings can give your Airbnb and vacation home a major punch without a major spend,” says J. Mozeley. “This is a interior designer’s dream because it can transform a boring room into a fantastical room!”

3. Understated Luxury – Showcase your appreciation for luxury so that it is quiet, understated and personal in your Airbnb and vacation home makeover. “Use understated luxury furnishings and decor to feel luxurious but also welcoming, warm and, most importantly, authentic,” says J. Mozeley. “Use a personal piece of art, a beautiful accessory or a custom piece of furniture. Just don’t go overboard!”

4. Eclectic Style and Global Influence – Airbnb and vacation home renters want to stay in a home that feels unique and is different from what they normally live in. “I think Airbnb and vacation home interiors can become more layered with contrasting elements and periods of style,” says J. Mozeley.

Eclectic interior decorating for Airbnb and vacation home interior design makeovers with J. Mozeley in Charlotte.

5. Open, Communal Room Layouts – “Come on and let your creative spaces open up for your Airbnb and vacation home rentals,” says J. Mozeley. “Remember, these house guests are wanting to get away and experience something new, warm and inviting, plus you can demand higher dollar rents on openly creative spaces.” The handmade, the textural, the artisanal and the collected will trump sleekness.

All in all, hiring an experience interior designer can help you bump up the visual appeal and dollar rental amounts when you enter the Airbnb and vacation home rental market. Call J. Mozeley Interior Designs at 704-966-1223 or hit our Contact Page to inquire about your makeover.