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NASCAR Interior Design

What About NASCAR Home Interior Designers!

J. Mozeley caters to discerning NASCAR racing families and NASCAR team members with impeccable and tasteful interior design. “Even though these professionals might be in the pits all day and week, they love to come home to a well-designed and comfortable home,” says J. Mozeley. “We can help them express their interior design wishes and we can also give them a ‘surprise’ makeover if they want something unique and different.”

NASCAR Home Interior Design Trends

We love our NASCAR team member’s homes at J. Mozeley. “Most of the team members have interior design tastes and styles that you would not believe when you see them on the track,” says J. Mozeley. “These wonderful people have all kinds of design tastes from eclectic to modern to traditional to French country.”

1. Bright Green is the Color of 2017 – “Greenery” was named the 2017 Color of the Year from Pantone. It’s a cheery shade of green that you will be seeing in home decor, commercial design and fashion design in the year to come. “Greenery” represents refreshment and revitalization, which is something we can all use in this stressed social, political and competitive world.

2. Mixed Patterns – Yes, mixed patterns will be all the rave this year! Pattern lovers rejoice! All of your mixed and mismatched patterns will be in vogue for creative interior design. Think “comforters” with enticing and mismatched patterns. Be crazy and fall in love with patterns!

3. Texture, Texture, Texture – With all of the flat screens in our world, interior designers are turning to textures to help give us a much-desired level of comfort. Textures bring you a touch sense that is missing with smartphones, flat screens and monitors. You’ll enjoy comfy furniture designs like pleating and folding in velvets and cottons, plus huge stitches made of beautiful luxe yarns.

4. Let’s Use the Whitest of Whites – There is a trend of using the raw white accent pieces. Raw white is the chalky white and bone white of white shades. Raw white has the appearance of earthy and handmade and the beauty of imperfection. It’s a natural and organic design look.

Everything we design is 100% custom for our NASCAR families and homeowners. Call J. Mozeley Interior Design at 704-966-1223 to arrange a private, personal consultation on how we can make your home’s interior design exactly what you want!