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Pro Sports Families

Pro sports athletes and their families desire a treasured sanctuary when they have time to escape the limelight and maddening crowds of media and fans. We work with professional sports athletes and their families in designing interior living spaces that express their unique personalities and tastes outside of their sport and celebrity lifestyle.

Surprisingly, pro sports athletes and their families enjoy comfortable, spacious, serene and beautiful interior design and decorating trends just like any other family! They want an interior design that is colorful, expressive of their wishes and desires, while blending in the accolades and special acknowledgements from their professional sports career.

Inviting sofas, lounging furniture, relaxing chairs and warmly-decorated spaces give these pro athletes a beautiful escape to recharge and rest from their hectic and fast-paced life.

The really popular color green for this year is a top choice for interior design and home decorating by professional athletes, too. Shades of green, white and blue bring serenity and comfort to an athlete’s home. These families want rooms and spaces that are large enough for entertaining extended team families while cozy enough to retreat to with just close family.

Unique decorative accent pieces made from personal artists bring expression and lively discussions on their creation to every room. Mixed in with the athlete’s sporting awards, these unique accent pieces complement the athletic accolades to create beautiful, interesting and expressive collections.

To arrange an in home consultation with J. Mozeley Interiors, visit our contact page or call us at 704-966-1223.   We will bring a professional and quiet respect to your privacy and lifestyle while giving you an exceptional level of personal service and creative design that is unparalleled anywhere around the professional sports world!