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Easy Organizational Tips For Your Home

River Run Country Club neighbors, understand the stir-crazy behavior related to the COVID-19 virus or coronavirus pandemic.  Here at J. Mozeley Interiors we are praying for everyone to stay safe healthy wash your hands and take the necessary precautions and hoping everything gets back to normal slowly but surely.  I think it is harder than most of us realized it would be, but gives us lots of opportunities for practicing patience, patients and more patients, literally! God Bless all the families directly affected by this along with our beloved first responders: THANK YOU.

I think everybody can be thankful in the smallest ways that things are starting to slowly calm down and we are starting to see a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel, So until this passes and economy starts recovering let’s take this time to help get our houses, businesses and lives  as organized as possible, how you ask?… Well, combining our children’s stay at home orders &  “MOM I’m bored” clean, handy hands 🧐🤪🤓

ALSO, some of our husbands are home from work too! Here are some great ideas for getting the whole family involved.

  • Organize with color & style Storage benches come in all sizes, shapes and textures & do double duty and keep clutter down to a minimum they can be on rollers for easy access or stable to tuck away and keep things neat.
  •   Rolling storage carts are perfect for all areas of the house as well, man caves and Garages, Often, need an occasional decluttering process and now they have the time to help YAY!
  • Whether your Choosing for kitchens, closets, pantries, laundry rooms and don’t forget the bathroom, Deciding on short or tall, drawers or shelves open access or covered with cabinets, they provide easy access and clutter free zones also many of these ideas have options for hanging on the wall, like desks and  stylish shelves for newly necessary classrooms in the home!,, what else could YOU ask for??  Easy Peezy!
  • Look for wasted space, most of us have it, Baskets are also a great way to bring color and texture into a room by grouping 2 and 3 together different sizes, materials, and heights, also doing double duty to de-clutter your 🏠, magazines, our four-legged kids toys, throws and newspapers and even plants, placed nicely along the fire place or in the corner that now, just collects dust,  &  VIOLA, now we’re getting somewhere.
  • The Container Store, and Lowe’s Home Improvement have great selections along with Home Goods, of course.

As usual J Mozeley gives free 30-minute phone consultations  communication is key to get you going on the right path so please give us a call at 704-966-1223 or contact us on we look forward to hearing from you soon.😉