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Spring Lifestyles

Spring is coming soon! Where did all of the time go? With time changes bringing more daylight, how will you utilize that fresh sunlight in your decorating?

This is the season for planting herbs, for farmer’s market visits, barbecues, revisiting your fitness regiment, and figuring out what is in all of the boxes of stuff in the basement or your cluttered attic.

Now is the time to consider donating the stuff you no longer use. It’s a great suggestion for not just helping to keep up with all of your clutter but to cheer into someone else’s life! Some charities will even pick up from your home!

Let’s get our hands dirty getting your home in order so you can start working on your tan! Miracle Grow and sunscreen? Who knew they made such a wonderful combination? I didn’t. This Spring, give planting flowers or a vegetable garden a try while you bronze your skin and get ready for swimsuit season!

If you would like help getting your home for Spring and being the envy of your friends and neighbors, call J. Mozeley Interiors today for a free phone consultation! (704) 966-1223