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With the warm weather finally here, spring is the best time to update an overdue patio and outdoor space. With these few tips you can transform your backyard, not only into an oasis of peace and tranquility, but into an extension of your home bringing your style and personality throughout your entire space.


Think Shade

Creating an actual extension of your home is probably most literally done by creating an extension to the physical structure of your house. Create permanent shade with an open structured covered patio. This affords you the convenience of shade, protection against the elements, and the perfect transition from indoors to outdoors.
Get creative with your shade! This beautiful canopy combines the best elements of indoors and outdoors while still providing enough coverage to keep it comfortable, and enough access to feel immersed in nature.
Mix and match shade choices for ultimate ideal coverage and options! Using portable shade in the form of an umbrella allows you to choose how to best use shade for the use of the space. In addition, having a pergola or covered cooking/eating space really lets guests enjoy the space and the company in a casual and comfortable way.

Don’t Limit Your Options

Dream big! Your outdoor space can be anything you can imagine! The first step in creating a beautiful space would be to really define what you want from your indoor/outdoor experience. The options are endless!

Don’t love the idea of only using a grill to cook outdoors and having to do the back and forth of cleaning and preparing inside the house and cooking outside? ADD A FULL KITCHEN! Properly built, kitchen appliances can survive in the outdoor conditions with correct coverage, and affords you the ease and convenience of preparing beautiful, delicious meals for your guests with less hassle.
In need of just a simple lounging space? Consider different types of seating to ensure comfort in all facets. Ambient lighting will create a peaceful and serene mood, and incorporating a natural heat source (like this gorgeous fire place) will bring the ambiance and the comfort to a whole new level.

Not So Into The Outdoors?

The indoor/outdoor scene has come a long way from thin pane windows in unfurnished space labeled a “sun-room”. New design concepts are vastly outsmarting the adversities to outdoor living spaces – like bugs, weather, dirt, etc – by truly enhancing an indoor experience.

Incredible advancements in creating temperature regulating windows and doors now offer clients the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors with the option to be completely enclosed. A complete home extension with the ability to open and experience the outdoors is a truly perfect solution to the undesirable outdoor elements.
And, adding a range hood to a grill still affords the feel of a covered patio/outdoor living space.
Simply allowing the patio to be a direct extension of your living space is another great way to enjoy the outdoors without the less desired aspects of being outdoors. Creating the combination of indoor/outdoor with sliding glass will combine the benefits of outdoor living with the convenience of being indoors.

Spruce It Up

Like anything, adding the perfect finishes to a space will take anything “from drab to fab”. Don’t forget your personal style in adding textiles, lighting, color, and fun with the little extras that go a long way.

As greenery is natural to the outdoors, we often forget what an impact it can make on an outdoor space with potted plants and natural growth. Just be sure to tend and manage so it does not take over! A beautiful blend of natural and planted greens will bring your space to life while still providing comfort.
Consider all types of lighting to provide options for specific activities. Creating ambient light with dimmers or natural fire is a great way to set a romantic or peaceful mood. But providing enough light for dining and other activities is essential.
Surely this is the aspect of the space that you’ve already got completely planned out in your mind!
Create texture and style with finishes that reflect your personality. Doing this will be sure to connect your outdoor space as an extension of your home emotionally and physically, by creating comfort and ease.

J. Mozeley Interiors can transform your outdoor space to a place where you thrive and guests feel invited. Our expertise and skill set can create a flow from indoor to outdoor that you’re sure to love. Contact us for a consultation!