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River Run Country Club Interior Design

Life on and around River Run Country Club and Davidson is a special privilege for those of us who live in this vibrant community. Living in Davidson is a lifestyle all in itself so your River Run home requires a sensitive and personal interior designer who understands the life!

Interior Design & Decorating Trends in River Run Country Club


1. Kitchens and Appliances that Fold Up – “Less is more has never been truer than around the interior design spaces in River Run,” says J. Mozeley. “This exciting new design concept of fold-away appliances and fold-up kitchens helps preserve precious square footage for entertaining and guests.” We’re seeing retractable range hoods for kitchen islands and even entire kitchen sets that fold up into a neat box.

2. Custom Art Pieces Over DYI – We were all crazed about the DIY trends of Etsy and other online crafts venues. But River Run living requires a higher degree of custom art and artistic expression. “The interior design trend is for a more artistic and sophisticated design sense over the do-it-yourself and rougher look,” says J. Mozeley. “We’re starting to see extreme craftsmanship and materials that require a much higher degree of experience and design.” Hand-blown glass will come back in vogue.


3. Navy Blue is the New Black for River Run – The color black for interior decorating is so 2016! “We are really excited that navy blue is coming in as a new bold and strong color choice,” says J. Mozeley. Navy blue is the perfect choice to update your kitchen cabinets or add a splash of fresh color to a room. Navy blue is a modern twist to a traditional feel because it can match so many color palettes. And navy blue will not make a room feel small like traditional black does.

4. Go Faux and Go Fast! – Interior design trends for River Run homes point to faux finishes, and we’re not just talking about faux fur rugs. “We’re seeing faux materials like faux wood ceiling beams that will never rot or bend,” says J. Mozeley. Engineered quartz can withstand higher heat and acidic foods over Carrara marble. Just wait until one of your neighbors has a faux leather counter installed in their kitchen. You’ll be screaming for one in yours!

Please call J. Mozeley at 704-966-1223 to schedule a private and personal consultation on how we can help you with beautiful interior design for your gorgeous River Run Country Club home. We serve exclusive homes all over Davidson, River Run, Lake Norman and Mooresville.