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3D Floor Plans

J. Mozeley Interiors creates unique 3D floor plans to create unique digital designs for your home! From a closet rebuild to a master bathroom to a finished basement or an entire home, J. Mozeley Interiors can design dimensionally accurate interior styles best suited to match our clients’ needs and personalities!

Before you overhaul the interior designs of your home, talk to J.Mozeley Interiors today to get a 3D design of your space that is both functional, dimensionally accurate, and will show you the possibilities of your space! 

Call us today for a free 30-minute phone consultation at (704) 966-1223 to discuss our 3D floor plan packages! 

Our 3D Floor Plan Packages

1.) The Silver Package

With the Silver Package, clients are worked with directly to obtain accurate dimensions of the space they would like redesigned and consulted to create the optimal design choices for your home. The Silver Package offers you the ability to create a unique 3D model of your space so you can use that reference to make your home perfect for you and your loved ones!

2.) The Gold Package

The Gold Package includes all of the personalized attention of the Silver Package, including a beautiful 3D floor plan of your space, but it also includes recommendations and discounts for furniture, accessories, fixtures, and more to make your interior design dreams a reality!

3.) The Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is a full-service Interior Design suite! With the Platinum Package, you will receive a personalized 3D design for your space, recommendations and discounts for furniture, accessories, fixtures, and more, but with our talented staff and team of contractors, J. Mozeley Interiors can take the guesswork out of implementing your design and work together with you to bring your home’s new design to completion! With the platinum package, our team at J. Mozeley Interiors will work with you hand in hand on every design step from flooring to cabinets, fixtures, furniture, color palette, and more! 

Find out more about our 3D Floor Plans by calling our office today for a free 30-minute phone consultation at (704) 966-1223!