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5 Most Important Traits to look for in a Staging Designer

Selling a house? Maybe it’s been on the market a long time? Have you (YIKES!) lowered the price once or twice? That’s a tough place to be, and we’ve all been there. But if we keep doing the same thing, shouldn’t we expect the same results? Time to make a change. That can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. We can help you sell your property.

What would help you the most is to work with an experience, qualified, and talented staging designer, but it can be hard to know what to look for in someone who you can trust to stage your property. Here are the five most important traits to look for in a professional staging designer!

I. Integrity

Sadly, there isn’t enough integrity out there these days. I’m sure you’ve noticed it. I sure have. It’s so frustrating to deal with last minute cancellations, stagers who are unprepared, inexperienced, and consistently late. That is unacceptable in any profession.

No, the first and most important thing you need to look for in a staging designer is integrity. If they are twenty minutes late without a call or text to your first meeting … That’s a red flag to pay attention to. It’s not going to get better from there. A designer is only useful if they can show you by their work how important you and your project are to them from day one.

II. Detail-Oriented

Details! Details! Details! It’s always about the details, and prospective buyers know it. And your staging designer had better know the importance of that as well. Their main job is to make you more money and capture the audience you’re looking for!

Believe me, prospective buyers pay attention to little things: stuck cabinets, bad odors, dirty floors, stained counter tops, soap scum in the tub and shower, sticky sliding doors, water damage on the ceiling, stained sinks, rusted and dented appliances, lack of maintenance … all of these should have been caught and fixed by a professional staging designer before the house was shown. Let me ask you, would you want to move into a house like that? I wouldn’t. Make sure your stager pays attention to every little detail.

III. Creativity

A professional staging designer should be able to bring life to a house in a way that you are unable to. You need to be able to reach the most qualified buyers. This is why they’re professionals! And it takes creativity to see a property through their eyes, and it starts with curb appeal because that is the first impression, which we all know is extremely important. And a good stager needs to know how to stage each room to show the home’s full potential so the buyer can envision themselves, their family, their fur babies, and their loved ones living there.

A great staging designer will be the eyes and ears you need to show what the market is searching for, and that, paired with experience and research, properly applied, will surely excite and impress home buyers as they step across your threshold.

IV. Good Communication

We professionals understand the dos and don’ts of communication that some homeowners do not consider. Respectful, clear communication and eye contact are a necessity when a professional deals with a client. The key is that the client must be spoken with not spoken to. This is not a Shakespearean monologue! When you’re looking for the right staging designer, you need to feel heard. Otherwise, you and the stager will not work well together. Yet another red flag!

A firm handshake and professional attire are a must! It shows how important and invested the stager is in you and your bottom line. And if a staging designer cannot stage how they present themselves for a first impression, then they’re not taking their own advice, and first impressions are key. Don’t accept anything less. Remember, you do get what you pay for, and a staging designer that struggles with professional courtesy and communication is not a professional … yet. Do you want them practicing on your property and on your dime?

V. Positive Attitude

The mark of a great staging designer is one who is confident, experienced, positive, and knows exactly what they’re doing in each project for a variety of markets. Positivity and a great work ethic equal quality results. A great staging professional is an excellent problem solver, and they believe deeply in their work, their results, and in the marketability of your home.

Positive attitudes inspire others around them. And you’re going to want to work with someone who will inspire you, right?

So, let’s sell that house! If you need any help with staging design or decorating choices as you work to sell your home or property, call J. Mozeley Interiors today for a free 30-minute phone consultation! We can get you started down the right path for selling your home.

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