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Surprise Designs

Surprise design is new to Charlotte and J. Mozeley is the professional interior decorating and redesign company that brought these unique events to Charlotte!  But what is surprise design?  A surprise design reveals your surprise makeover to your spouse or family member…complete with a video CD of the surprise for you to keep forever.  And all of our surprise design reveals are completely staged with fresh flowers and decorations!

Charlotte surprise designs and surprise makeovers with J. Mozeley Interior Decorating & Redesign.

What is Surprise Design Interior Decorating?

It’s all about surprising a loved one with a new interior decorating or redesign gift!  Look at some of these surprise design ideas:

  • Surprise your husband with a new home office or garage
  • Surprise your wife with a newly-decorated kitchen
  • Say “Happy Sweet 16” to your daughter with a bedroom makeover
  • Say “Happy Anniversary” to your spouse with a master suite makeover
  • Surprise the graduate in your life with a new Junior Suite while they go to school

Charlotte surprise design interior decorating makeover with JMozeley Interior Decorating & Redesign.

The key to the surprise design is the “surprise” element!  Some spouses will have their partner pick out patterns and colors but not tell them what is happening.  They can imagine what could happen, but the surprise design reveal will be their real surprise!

Call J. Mozeley Interiors at 704-966-1223 or email us to schedule a private consultation about surprising your spouse or family member with a surprise design!